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Hiring a Restraining Order Attorney: Orange County’s Gregory W. Cabo Provides Details about the Process

Gregory W. Cabo is a knowledgable family law lawyer who guides clients through some of their most difficult challenges. With his experience as a restraining order attorney, Orange County clients can establish their rights, protect themselves, and secure the well-being of their children. Typically, clients approach Mr. Cabo with a lot of questions about what […]

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Seeking a Restraining Order Attorney? Orange County’s Gregory W. Cabo Explains the Process

If you or someone you know is threatened or harmed by the actions of another person, consider the services of a restraining order attorney. Orange County lawyers with experience in domestic violence restraining orders can represent you with getting a restraining order. Read on to learn more. Restraining Orders: What They Cover The first thing […]

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Gregory W. Cabo – Your Orange County Probate Litigation Lawyer

When a relative passes away in California and their estate enters into probate administration, you may receive a California Judicial Counsel Form DE-120 entitled “Notice of Hearing—Decedent’s Estate or Trust.” It comes as no surprise that those unfamiliar with California probate law usually have no idea what to do next. Fortunately, Orange County probate litigation […]

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Ask a Probate Attorney: Orange County’s Gregory Cabo Answers Common Questions

Often, a person will pass away and leave no planning document behind. This leaves their assets up to the probate court for disposition. As a probate attorney, Orange County lawyer Gregory Cabo assists the parties involved in these cases. An executor is responsible for administering the estate and is generally a relative or other interested […]

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An Experienced Family Law Attorney: Orange County’s Gregory W. Cabo

When a marriage ends, the legal decisions that follow can affect you for the rest of your life. With the right family law attorney, Orange County residents can ensure that they are receiving the right guidance in these matters. Many qualities can help you determine if a lawyer will be able to represent you well, […]

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Gregory W. Cabo – Orange County Probate Lawyer

Orange County probate lawyer Gregory W. Cabo helps families fulfill the complex legal and financial obligations that arise after a loved one passes on. Whether you are planning for the future or responding to the recent deceased family member, The Law Offices of Gregory W. Cabo will guide you through the legal process of winding […]

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Get Peace of Mind by Working with Orange County Probate Attorney Gregory W. Cabo

The California probate law exists to formally and equitably wind up estates via a legal process overseen by a judge. In order to ensure that all interested parties, beneficiaries and heirs have formal notice and an opportunity to assert their claims, California probate matters are carried out publicly. In addition, notice of the probate is […]

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Advice from a Family Attorney | Orange County

When hiring a family attorney, Orange County clients may have certain expectations about the road ahead. Popular film and television may have taught you that the legal experience happens in a high-drama, fast-paced setting. You may envision the courtroom as the grounds for deciding the future of your finances, relationship with your children, ownership of […]

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Seeking a Probate Litigation Attorney? Orange County’s Gregory W. Cabo Can Represent Your Case

When people do not create a living trust or an estate plan before they pass away, their assets may be decided through the process of probate. As with any case that goes before a judge, it’s important that you have knowledgable legal assistance, like that provided by a probate litigation attorney. Orange County residents rely […]

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Gregory W. Cabo – Orange County Divorce Lawyer/Family Law Attorney

Orange County families who have experienced a divorce, legal separation, child custody suit or another family law matter understand the importance of the attorney-client relationship. Your family law lawyer should instill feelings of trust, comfort and mutual respect as you assess your legal rights and personal objectives. This is precisely what Gregory W. Cabo strives […]

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