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A divorce, dissolution of marriage or legal separation can complicate your personal life on both an emotional and financial level. Orange County divorce lawyer Gregory W. Cabo can ease this transition by guiding you through the legal process from start to finish. With over a decade of experience practicing family law in California, Gregory is able to provide in-depth counseling regarding your legal obligations and rights. All the while, he never loses sight of your personal situation and the concerns you may have for your property, privacy or children.

What to Expect During an Orange County Divorce Proceeding

No two divorce proceedings are ever exactly alike, but dissolutions of marriage typically unfold as follows:

1.     One party files a petition for dissolution of marriage (or domestic partnership) or nullity in the Superior Court of Orange County.

2.     The Petition is then personally served on the other spouse or acknowledged in writing that they received a copy of the petition. The respondent is then required to file a response to the petition within 30 days. If no response to the petition is filed, the filing spouse can request that the court enter a default, allowing the filing spouse to proceed without requiring the other spouse’s further participation in the divorce. This will allow the filing spouse to obtain a default judgment of all issues identified and requested in the petition.

3.     Prior to the court granting divorce, California law requires that each party provide written disclosure to the other all assets and debts, income and expenses. This is called the exchange of preliminary declarations of disclosure. While the law requires that this be done twice during the family law proceedings, only the final declaration of disclosure can be waived by the parties.

4.     The parties can at any time during the divorce proceedings negotiate and arrive at a Marital Settlement Agreement, which delineates the terms of the divorce, including child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, division of property, retirement accounts, residences and other assets and remedies for breach of the agreement. If reached, the agreement is submitted to the court in the form of a stipulated judgment, and the parties may not have to ever appear in court. This is commonly referred to as an uncontested divorce.

5.     If the parties cannot reach an agreement on all issues in the case, a trial is held on the remaining issues and the judge decides your case.

6.     After the divorce litigation is concluded either by agreement or litigation, a Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage is entered. Certain issues the judgment such as child support custody, and visitation as well as spousal support can be modified after judgment should a change of circumstances occur i.e. loss of job, a move away of a parent or other changed circumstance.

As an Orange County divorce lawyer, Gregory will navigate each of these steps for you and prepare the necessary legal forms and documents in order to bring the case to a close quickly and efficiently. While Gregory will work diligently to avoid drawn out and contentious proceedings, he won’t hesitate to draw upon his substantial court room experience in order to defend your best interests if litigation becomes the best course of action.

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