The Benefits of Working with an Orange County Estate Planning Attorney

Diligent estate planning is one of the best ways to avoid contested wills, probate litigation and other legal complications that arise in the wake of an individual’s passing. Such costly and time-consuming estate administration matters are most often caused by insufficient or non-existent wills left behind by the decedent. But by working with an Orange County estate planning attorney, you can protect your privacy, your assets and your peace of mind after your death. Working with an Orange County estate planning attorney Gregory Cabo can benefit you by helping you:

Avoid probate administration – The probate process in California may take at least eight months to complete and can be very expensive depending on the value of the estate. An Orange County estate planning attorney can advise you on the best ways to avoid probate, such as establishing a living trust or joint tenancy and creating a pour-over will.

Protect your privacy – Probated estates and wills become a matter of public record, while living trusts can typically be kept private among the trustees and beneficiaries.

Document your wishes in the case that you become incapacitated – Estate planning lawyers can help you create documents and other legal instruments that go beyond naming heirs and beneficiaries after your death. For example, you can set up a living trust that lays out exactly how you want your money to be distributed or spent, including details on nursing homes, funeral plans and bequest donations.

Allow flexibility prior to your death – Revocable living trusts and wills can and should be updated regularly to reflect your priorities and account for changes in your beneficiaries property and tax law. An Orange County estate planning attorney can help you plan and prepare future amendments and codicils to your will or living trust and carry out such changes in an efficient and timely manner.

Working with a qualified estate planning attorney gives you greater control over your assets after death. At the Law Offices of Gregory W. Cabo, you’ll receive personalized consultation, document preparation and legal advice from an experienced estate planning lawyer. By working directly with an attorney, you’ll be able to make well-informed decisions about your estate that help ensure your wishes are carried out.

When an individual passes away in California, there are a number of avenues by which his or her estate may be wound up—and some of them more costly and time-consuming than others. By consulting with an estate planning attorney, you can ensure that your estate remains intact and out of the purview of the California Probate Court. By preparing a will, trust or another estate planning instrument, you can efficiently and privately provide for your family, while avoiding the costs and inconvenience of probate administration.

Orange County estate planning lawyer Gregory W. Cabo does much more than simply draft a will or testament document. He completes all the necessary legal steps, ensuring that your trust is funded and all of your legal issues are addressed. He can also help you create a flexible will or trust that can be modified or updated according to the ongoing needs of you or a loved one near the end of life.

While proactive estate planning is the best way to protect your assets, Gregory W. Cabo can also serve families of those who have passed away with an insufficient will or no will at all. As an experienced Orange County probate lawyer, Gregory has handled complex estates and California probate law issues for numerous executors/executrixes and interested parties involved in probate cases and litigation. Gregory can help you meet your legal obligations as a relative, heir, beneficiary or personal representative of an estate.

The Law Offices of Gregory W. Cabo also provides zealous representation for those involved in contested wills, petition objections and other complex probate matters. Gregory’s years of experience as an Orange County probate lawyer affords him an intimate familiarity with the California probate law system.

No matter what your circumstances are, Gregory W. Cabo can help you prepare for what lies ahead.

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