An Experienced Family Law Attorney: Orange County’s Gregory W. Cabo

When a marriage ends, the legal decisions that follow can affect you for the rest of your life. With the right family law attorney, Orange County residents can ensure that they are receiving the right guidance in these matters.

Many qualities can help you determine if a lawyer will be able to represent you well, but one of the most telling is the attorney’s experience. An Orange County family law attorney should have a substantial background in the various issues you might face, including:

Divorce: Your attorney should have dealt with many cases surrounding divorce, legal separation, and dissolution of marriage. He should also have a background in financial issues so that he can properly address division of community property assets.

Child custody and visitation: It’s easy for emotion to get in the way of sound decisions when your children are involved. With an experienced family law attorney, Orange County clients get an advocate who understands the situation they face from a legal perspective to help secure their rights.

Child and spousal support: California law requires that each parent financially supports their children. In the process of a divorce, one party may also be required to support their spouse as well. Your attorney should know the laws concerning child support and spousal support and how to make sure that the correct amount is paid.

Modification of orders: If an order is already in place, you may want to modify or enforce the court order or judgment. Your attorney must have experience in the legal process and strategies for modifying existing orders.

Domestic violence restraining orders: Abuse, harassment, and threatning behavior are a serious matter. A knowledgable attorney will understand how to present the case before the judge in order to protect the parties involved.

Gregory W. Cabo – An Experienced Attorney-at-Law

As an accomplished family law attorney in Orange County, Gregory W. Cabo understands how to manage cases in each of the areas described above. His dedication to your cause and his skill in your representation comes from over thirteeen years of legal practice specifically in these issues.

Gregory Cabo is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University and Chapman University School of Law, Orange, California, where he was an editor for the Chapman Law Review and received the Dean’s Award in legal ethics. He has served as an adjunct professor on the faculty of Western State University College of Law and currently teaches as an instructor for the Judge Robert M. Takasugi Pro Bono Bar Review.

Mr. Cabo is a member of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of California, the Orange County Bar Association, and the Los Angeles County Bar Association.  He is admitted to practice in all California Superior Courts and the United States District Court.

Clients rely on Gregory Cabo because of his experience in family law issues and the guidance and expertise he offers. For a free phone consultation, call (714) 771-2227.

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