Hire an Experienced Restraining Order Attorney, With Gregory Cabo Orange County Clients Get The Representation They Deserve.

People who are in an abusive relationship—whether it is with a spouse, relative, cohabitant, or boyfriend / girlfriend—may seek help from the court. For guidance in the process, they often work with legal counsel familiar with these types of cases, such as a “restraining order attorney.”

Orange County’s Gregory W. Cabo has demonstrated the value of this expertise over his years of work serving clients. Below, he offers three important reasons to hire an experienced professional.

Know Your Options

When hiring a restraining order attorney, Orange County residents may already have made the decision to go to court. However, an experienced lawyer will help the client evaluate other options to prevent abuse or to stop harassment, before pursuing the restraining order. Why?

  • It may be easier to settle a family law case, such as a divorce or custody battle, without the boundaries that a restraining order places.
  • A restraining order can make a divorce more costly because of the time and effort involved in multiple legal proceedings.
  • A restraining order attorney can help Orange County clients consider the full impact of a domestic violence restraining order. For example, a client may be going through a divorce and expecting to receive child support or spousal support from their spouse. However, a restraining order may cost the spouse his or her job and prevent him or her from having the ability to pay support.


In situations where it is appropriate, the right lawyer will help clients resolve their problems by eliminating continued abuse or harassment through means other than a restraining order.

Handle the Case Correctly

Unfortunately, mismanagement of a restraining order proceeding can create a serious problem for someone who is a victim of abuse. If the application for a domestic violence restraining order does not contain the proper content, the court may reject the request.
For example, those requesting a restraining order are required by the Laws of the State of California to present a factual basis of recent abuse. A request for a restraining order that does not provide this information can instead cause the request for a restraining order to be denied. This multiplies the problems that victims face: not only have they lost the opportunity to protect themselves, but they may have also given the abuser a stronger defense.

Understand the Family Law Issues

Securing a restraining order is only part of the legal concerns that clients may have. They may also be seeking a divorce, child custody, and child support, or control of the family residence or other jointly owned property such as a pet or automobile.

Each of these areas falls into the practice known as family law. It is important that clients consider pursuing a restraining order as part of their overall legal needs and objectives. How the client approaches the breakup of their marriage, for example, may influence other parts of their case.

For these reasons, people turn to Gregory W. Cabo. He has been serving clients in Southern California for over 12 years. In addition to his family law experience, Mr. Cabo works in both estate planning and as a probate law lawyer. Orange County clients count on him to protect their rights and those of their family.

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