Orange County Divorce Lawyer and Family Attorney Gregory W. Cabo Discusses Mediation and Litigation

An Orange County family attorney has to have broad knowledge of the law to handle cases properly. He must have expertise in divorce and legal separation; child custody and visitation; spousal and child support; and many other areas.

Clients choose Gregory W. Cabo because has an in-depth understanding of these legal concerns. His expertise as an Orange County divorce attorney and family lawyer guides them through the legal process and helps them to reach a fair resolution.

However, an attorney needs more than legal knowledge. For many clients, the goal is to get what they want from the case without a complex, expensive, time-consuming, and combative legal process. Below, Mr. Cabo describes the difference between mediation and litigation and how the right lawyer will guide the case to this goal.

Mediation and Litigation

For clarity, “mediation” is negotiation between the two parties in order to reach a settlement. “Litigation” is the legal process that takes place in the courtroom.

The wrong sort of Orange County divorce lawyer is ineffective in the mediation process and too ready to pursue a courtroom trial. Why is this the wrong strategy?

First, trials are expensive. The cost of legal work may outweigh any gains that might be made in the courtroom. A lawyer who is disinterested in negotiation is not being responsible to his client.

Second, trials are decided by a third party. If there is a chance that the two spouses can work out an arrangement with the help of an Orange County divorce attorney, they will have much greater control over the outcome than if decisions are left up to a judge.

Finally, mediation can pave the way for better results on other issues. If the two parties can work out a settlement on spousal support, they may be more inclined to agree on child support, child custody, and other concerns.

When you are choosing an attorney, consider whether that lawyer has your best interests in mind. Does he know family and divorce law? Does he have the experience to know when to mediate a case? Does he have the ability to work with the other party?

An experienced Orange County divorce lawyer will get to know his client as well as the other party. He will identify the client’s goals, learn whether the other party is a reasonable partner for mediation, and recommend tactics for making mediation work.

Gregory W. Cabo fits each of these criteria. However, he also understands that there are situations in which mediation will not reach the client’s goals. The other party may be using the legal system as a way of punishing his client, or the other party may be pushing for demands that are unreasonable and that can only be answered in the courtroom. Mr. Cabo has the trial experience, commitment, and knowledge to contest these cases successfully in the courtroom.

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