Choosing an Orange County Family Attorney

When you truly need the legal guidance of a family lawyer, it can be difficult to known where to turn to for legal representation. If you are facing a legal separation, dissolution of marriage, child custody case or any other family matter, look for an Orange County family attorney who demonstrates each of the following qualities:

Family Law Experience in Orange County

Family attorneys serve you best when they have in-depth knowledge of the local court systems and a successful track record that includes a high ratio of California family law matters.

The Orange-county based Law Offices of Gregory W. Cabo have served local clients and families since 2000. Gregory has successfully represented numerous clients in family law cases in the Orange County Superior Court and is very familiar with many of the judges who may hear your case, should it require litigation.

Personalized Service

Many Orange County law firms delegate critical legal work to new attorneys, paralegals, aids and other staff who are often less experienced and less qualified than an experienced family lawyer.

At the Law Offices of Gregory W. Cabo, this never happens. Gregory personally oversees every important detail of your family law case and prepares all essential documentation himself. This way, you can rest assured knowing that every facet of your case is being handled professionally and an attorney will know the exact status of your case.

Courtroom Experience

It’s usually preferable to bring family law matters to a close without litigation. But when litigation is required, you want a family law attorney who has the experience and knowledge to effectively lead your case to the end.

After over a decade of practicing family law in Orange County, family attorney Gregory W. Cabo can provide you with strong and aggressive representation. For complex issues such as contested divorce, child custody, child visitation, domestic violence, division of property, spousal support and guardianships, Gregory’s in-depth counseling will ensure that you stay informed and prepared throughout the entire process.

To speak with an Orange County family attorney who embraces all of the above qualities, schedule a free phone consultation with Gregory W. Cabo by calling (714) 771-2227.

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