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Orange County Probate Attorney Gregory Cabo represents clients in probate matters, including estate and trust administration, probate litigation, trust litigation, wills and trusts challenges and related property law, corporations law and contract law issues.


Probate encompasses more than distributing property under a will.  Probate administration includes the entire process of implementing the decedent’s will and winding up all of their financial affairs death.

Probate encompasses more than distributing property under a will.  Probate administration includes the entire process of implementing the decedent’s will and winding up all of their financial affairs death.  Without an appropriate estate plan, a decedent’s affairs typically will be handled through California intestacy laws which often times involves the Probate Court.  This is generally the case for assets which were not appropriately placed in trust, assets not going to a spouse or for estates exceeding $150,000.

Sometimes, the probate process can take many months to complete and can be complex.  Orange County probate attorney Gregory Cabo can handle your estate administration for you and guide you through the process, which includes preparing inventories, reports and accountings, providing required notices to heirs, creditors and government agencies, working with the probate referee in establishing asset valuation, working with you and estate accountants in preparing final tax returns, gift tax returns and estate tax returns, managing assets and liabilities, the distribution of assets and the closing of the estate.

Seeking an Orange County Probate Litigation Attorney?

When people do not create a living trust or an estate plan before they pass away, their assets may be decided through the process of probate.

As with any case that goes before a judge, it’s important that you have knowledgeable legal assistance, like that provided by a probate litigation attorney. Orange County residents rely on these professionals for guidance through the administration of the estate, to expedite probate, and to ensure that the assets are managed correctly.

More about Orange County Probate

The probate process is meant to wind down the legal and financial affairs of those who have passed away. An administrator, named by the court, leads this process. He or she is usually a family member, friend, or someone trusted by the decedent. The executor is responsible for disposing of the assets to the beneficiaries.

Probate is essential because it may be the only legal means for dealing with legal title to property, finances, or other material assets left over after a person is gone. However, the process can be complex and lengthy, which is why people often turn to help from a probate litigation attorney. [again, this is not really a litigation issue] Orange County beneficiaries and executors may both hire attorneys, though for different purposes.


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