Orange County Restraining Order Attorney Gregory W. Cabo

When your rights or security are threatened, it may be necessary to take legal action. Orange County restraining order attorney Gregory Cabo advises men and women about their options, helps them to procure orders from the court, and, in cases in which false accusations have been made, defends the innocent from these false allegations.

Mr. Cabo is a knowledgable attorney in family law. Orange County clients turn to him for guidance in a variety of matters, including restraining orders. When you choose him for your representative, you are hiring someone who has years of experience in and out of the courtroom and who will provide the personal attention your case deserves.

Below, learn more about the restraining order process, working with an attorney, and what to expect as a client. Then, get in touch with Gregory Cabo to discuss your case.

“I Need to File a Restraining Order”

With the help of an Orange County restraining order attorney, you can go to your local family law court and seek a domestic violence restraining order. The judge will consider your request as well as any information that you and your attorney provide.

A court order may create a legal requirement that someone to stay away from you, your home, your place of work, and your vehicle. There are several reasons that people seek restraining orders, such as:

  • A spouse is abusing them or their children.
  • A boyfriend or girlfriend is harassing or stalking them.
  • A family member or cohabitant is threatening them.

The law deems a wide variety of behaviors as grounds for a restraining order because it wants to protect people from threats and harmful conduct of another. If the person violates the order, he or she may be sent to jail.

When you are seeking a restraining order, you want to consider your options and impact of the restaining order and  conclude the process quickly. Be sure to partner with a skilled and knowledgable attorney for this type of outcome.

“I am facing a restraining order”

A restraining order is an important tool for protection from abusive or harassing behavior. Unfortunately, this same mechanism can be misused.  People may file a restraing order just to hurt someone’s reputation or to gain a legal advantage in a divorce or custody battle. These actions undermine the entire purpose of a restraining order, and they cannot be tolerated.

Gregory Cabo works with individuals who have been falsely accused in a restraining order proceeding. He helps them to understand their options, and he creates a strategy for their defense to safeguard their rights.

If you are in an emergency involving domestic violence, immediately contact the police by calling 911. If there is probable cause, the police can obtain an immediate “emergency protective order” protecting you for a few days until you can apply for a permanent restraining order with the court.

Whether you are the victim of abusive behavior or you are defending yourself against false allegations, the support of an experienced and skillful attorney can make a crucial difference in your case. Gregory Cabo invites you to get in touch to discuss your questions and concerns. Orange County clients can set up a  consultation about the restraining order process and the role of their attorney by calling (714) 771-2227.

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