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Probate law deals with some of our most important issues regarding how we honor the memory and wishes of the deceased. However, legal proceedings surrounding this process can become time-consuming and emotionally draining without the right probate law attorney. Orange County residents may find themselves without answers to their biggest concerns.

Successors in interest may need legal permission to deal with the property or bank accounts of the deceased.

Beneficiaries may want information about when probate will end so that they can receive the assets they are due.

An executor might want to know how to handle challenges to the administration of the estate.

To resolve these concerns and to get the guidance they need, people should turn to an experienced probate law attorney. Orange County clients can work with a professional to end the legal process faster and to ensure that assets are disbursed properly. As a result, the legacy of the deceased is protected and families can move on with their lives.

About Orange County Attorney Gregory W. Cabo

Attorney Gregory W. Cabo is recognized for his work in probate and family law. People turn to him for assistance with a variety of concerns; among other areas of practice, he also serves as a divorce attorney, estate planning professional, and restraining order lawyer. Orange County clients rely on his expertise to achieve their legal goals.

Mr. Cabo understands the intricacies of probate law and helps prepare clients for issues they may face. He outlines legal options, makes recommendations about the best path to take, and looks for the most efficient way to resolve his clients’ concerns.

Gregory Cabo earned his Bachelor of Arts from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles and his law degree from Chapman University. He is a member of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of California, the Orange County Bar Association, and the Los Angeles County Bar Association. He also teaches Wills and Trusts Law to law students studying for the California Bar Exam.  He is admitted to practice in all California Superior Courts as well as the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.

Working with Gregory Cabo

One of the factors that distinguishes Mr. Cabo’s work is his approach. Probate law often requires understanding the personal nature of the case. Unfortunately, some large law firms do not offer this level of concern. They may not communicate all of the legal options available, help clients speed up the case properly, or keep them up-to-date about the case’s progress.

Your matter will be handled directly by Mr. Cabo, and you will be kept informed about your case at every stage. When you contact his offices with questions, your telephone calls will typically be returned on the same day, and you will receive the answers you need.

Probate cases can be difficult, but with the right legal representative, clients can conclude the proceedings properly and with dignity. Get the support you need with Gregory W. Cabo, an experienced probate law attorney and estate planning lawyer. Orange County residents: call (714) 771-2227.


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