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In cases in which people have not established a living trust before their death, their assets may go through the process of “probate.”

Because of the way probate works, those involved in the process should seek the advise of an experienced probate law lawyer. Orange County residents can reduce the stress, complexity, and time-consuming nature of probate with the help of the right attorney.

About Probate

Probate is a system in which a court transfers the assets of someone who has died to the proper beneficiaries. These might be family members, friends, or some other relation to the deceased. Probate is important because the successors in interest may need legal permission to deal with the property or bank accounts of the deceased.

The probate estate is administered by an executor named in the person’s will or other person appointed by the court. The executor’s role is to assure the winding down of the decedent’s affairs and the proper disposition of the deceased’s estate.

Value of a Probate Law Lawyer

One of the major concerns of a beneficiary is when probate will finally end so that distribution of the assets can take place. Unfortunately, the court system may include delays such as “creditor periods” to ensure that bills are paid and the assets are distributed properly.

With the help of a probate law lawyer, Orange County beneficiaries can reduce the time involved in the process. An experienced attorney understands when documents must be filed and deadlines must be met. He or she can help an executor or a beneficiary respond to court requests and can make sure that documentation is correct so that there are no additional delays.

A probate law lawyer is paid a percentage of value of the Orange County estate which is set by California Probate Law. The attorneys fee is the exact same fee that the Administrator of the Estate receives. This is a different fee structure than other types of cases, in which a lawyer is usually paid based on the time spent on the case. As a result, it is in the interest of both the lawyer and the client that the case is wrapped up sooner than later.

Legal Challenges during Probate

When considering a probate law attorney, Orange County residents should be aware of another concern in the probate process: challenges to the administration of the estate.

A lawyer can help a beneficiary if he or she feels that the executor is doing something improper during probate, such as spending money incorrectly or giving assets to the wrong person. Similarly, a probate lawyer can help an executor resolve frivolous legal obstacles from beneficiaries unhappy with their allotment or from relatives who where not provided for in the will.

Probate is sometimes a necessary process. With legal support, the difficult personal conflicts that may arise in the courtroom between heirs and beneficiaries can be minimized.

About Gregory W. Cabo

Mr. Cabo has over a decade of experience overseeing probation law cases on behalf of clients. He can offer advice on probate matters as well as represent the client’s concerns in court. His studied, personal approach and his ability to resolve concerns efficiently are important reasons clients rely on his counsel.

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