Seeking a Probate Litigation Attorney? Orange County’s Gregory W. Cabo Can Represent Your Case

When people do not create a living trust or an estate plan before they pass away, their assets may be decided through the process of probate.

As with any case that goes before a judge, it’s important that you have knowledgable legal assistance, like that provided by a probate litigation attorney. Orange County residents rely on these professionals for guidance through the administration of the estate, to expedite probate, and to ensure that the assets are managed correctly.

More about Probate

The probate process is meant to wind down the legal and financial affairs of those who have passed away. An administrator, named by the court, leads this process. He or she is usually a family member, friend, or someone trusted by the decedent. The executor is responsible for disposing of the assets to the beneficiaries.

Probate is essential because it may be the only legal means for dealing with legal title to property, finances, or other material assets left over after a person is gone. However, the process can be complex and lengthy, which is why people often turn to help from a probate litigation attorney. [again, this is not really a litigation issue] Orange County beneficiaries and executors may both hire attorneys, though for different purposes.

Why Executors Hire Lawyers

Executors don’t always have the time or the legal training to handle the probate process. An Orange County probate litigation attorney can step in to advise the executor on these matters. In certain cases, the executor may hire the attorney to assist in the administration.

Executors may also require an attorney when they receive a challenge to their actions. A beneficiary may be unhappy with the decisions of the executor or charge that he she is doing something improper with the assets, such as spending money frivolously or distributing assets without a court order. The attorney can respond to these courtroom issues for the executor.

Why Beneficiaries Hire Lawyers

As a beneficiary, your biggest question may be when will I receive the assets or payment set forth in the will. However, the court system can delay your payment.

A probate attorney understands the court’s process and where the bottlenecks occur. With his help, you can be assured the probate process is being followed and oftentimes can assist in reducing the time it takes to wind down the assets and to conclude the case. He can file documents on your behalf and respond to requests from the court, and he can answer your questions about the case.

Gregory W. Cabo: Attorney-at-Law

Gregory Cabo has over thirteen years of experience managing probate law cases for both executors and beneficiaries. He can guide you in your legal concerns and ensure that probate is being handled in a legal and accurate manner. When your decisions as an executor are challenged or when you disagree with your treatment as a beneficiary, he will represent you before the courts to achieve the best possible outcome.

For a free phone consultation about probate litigation in Orange County, call attorney Gregory W. Cabo at (714) 771-2227.

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