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Probate law deals with the transfer of a person’s estate after they have passed away. With the help of a probate law attorney, Orange County clients can ensure that this process is executed efficiently and properly.

Probate is usually necessary when the deceased doesn’t have a proper estate plan in place. For example, if a person only has a will addressing the final disposition of their assets, probate court involvement is usually required to distribute the decedent’s estate. While California probate courts are in place to pay creditors and distribute the decedent’s assets, people may hire an Orange County probate law attorney because the process can be complex and lengthy and because they need support in carrying out the wishes of the decedent.

About Beneficiaries

You are a beneficiary of the deceased if you are among those people to whom assets are supposed to be transferred. People who leave behind a will typically outline who their beneficiaries are, but when there is no will in place, the court appoints an administrator to handle the estate according to probate law. This person administers the estate, including paying the decedent’s bills, preparing the required accounting and distributing the remaining assets to the heirs of the estate according to California probate law.

With the help of a probate law attorney, Orange County beneficiaries hope to conclude the case faster and more efficiently. An experienced attorney can prepare documents and filings for the probate court and put together the requisite financial information.

Efficiency isn’t the only reason to hire a lawyer for a probate case. For example, you may believe that the executor of the estate is managing the case incorrectly. An attorney can help you to take legal action by challenging the executor’s actions in court.

About Executors

As an executor, you are appointed to wind down the financial affairs of the deceased through the probate process.However, you may not have the requisite legal background or the time to handle the case. You may be required to sell real property with court confirmation, defend creditor claims, and file related petitions in court.

With help from a probate law attorney, the Orange County courts will get the filings they need on time, and you can more easily move the case towards completion.

There’s another reason to hire an attorney. As the executor, you are responsible for disposing the final estate of the deceased. Beneficiaries may file complaints and challenges against the actions you take, especially when the assets involved are considerable. Your lawyer is your legal representative; he is there to advise you throughout the administration so that you can conduct the process as intended.

About Gregory W. Cabo, Attorney-at-Law

Gregory Cabo has over a decade of experience assisting both beneficiaries and executors. He can manage the entire process, from preparing inventories and accountings to providing required notices to heirs, creditors, and government agencies.

Working with Gregory Cabo offers you a number of advantages. Beyond relying on his expertise and skill, you will receive personal attention throughout the probate case. When you have questions or concerns about the process, Mr. Cabo is available to talk to you about the issues involved and to guide you to the best strategy for handling them. He will defend you against challenges, represent your rights, and help you conclude the case as quickly as possible.

For a free phone consultation with Gregory W. Cabo, call (714) 771-2227.

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